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Garage Door Opener Maintenance Indianapolis, IN

It is possible that you may have heard about garage door opener maintenance before. And it is also possible that you may have wondered about what really comprises maintenance of garage door openers. Your curiosity actually is justified. What you need to know is that your door opener may not go through the same amount of exertion that your garage door does but as it is also a machine, the door opener too is bound to sustain wear and tear with the passage of time.

We specialize in garage door repair in Indianapolis and our trained experts certainly know a thing or two about garage door opener maintenance. When you seek the services of our experts, you will see how they will employ different techniques to restore your door opener to its optimal state. You do not need to be an expert to realize that a well-maintained door opener is going to serve a garage door user for a longer duration of time.

What Constitutes Garage Door Opener Maintenance

When our experts come to take care of garage door opener and restore it to its optimal state, they will make a few adjustments. To begin with, if they see that the chain inside your door opener is sagging, they will try to tighten it. If your door is not opening fully, our experts will try to fix this issue by making adjustments to the limit screws. The sensors in a garage door set-up must remain aligned at all times or the garage door will start reversing. As part of their maintenance work, our technicians also work on the alignment of door sensors. Lastly, we ensure that the track and the drive chain of a door opener are lubricated and if they aren’t, we do so through the use of light penetrating oil.

As specialists in rendering garage door services, our main USPs are as follows:

  • Round-the-clock availability
  • Same day service
  • Warranty and discounts
  • Personalized customer service

As our certified technicians work on the maintenance of your garage door opener, the second most important component of your garage door system will probably last longer and continue delivering an optimal performance.

If you are a garage door user living in Indianapolis, you can seek our services by calling us over the phone or sending us an email. If you were in indifferent to garage door opener maintenance in Indianapolis all this while, it is high time you started giving it its due importance. Our technicians don’t provide just garage door opener maintenance lubrication. That is the basic of garage door maintenance.

Our technicians will give you some garage door opener maintenance tips. If you follow these, chances of malfunction in your garage door will be negligible. However, you do need to schedule regular inspection and maintenance of your garage door opener to ensure that it functions smoothly and for the long term too. All garage door opener manufacturers recommend this and our technicians are adept in providing the same for all the leading brands.

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